Mouse: aim
Left mouse button: shoot a laser
W: move towards mouse
S: move backwards
Q: heal some hp
F: fire an energy wave that will throw the first enemy it hits away
E: fire a torpedo
Destroy the enemies ugly base to win the game!

A game for the GameDevnetwork Dragon(fruit)Jam. Topic: Space & Sea

My first Jam submission! I hope you have fun playing it!

I did this alone, and i created all assets myself. I'm not an artist so... well... most of the graphics are placeholders, and maybe i will find an artist to join me after the jam. Feel free to message me if interested!

What's gonna follow:

 -better graphics!!!

 -a soundtrack

 -different ship classes (tank etc.)

 -UI improvements (a real menu etc.)

 -different enemies

 -multiplayer? Maybe?

Althoug there are still bugs and the game is not really finished, im proud of it, regarding that i made it with my selfmade engine in 10 days. A huge thank you to the GameDevNetwork and its founder Liam Sorta for making my first jam an awesome expirience!

My twitter:

My discord: @PixlDemon#3043

Published Sep 10, 2017
TagsBullet Hell, Pixel Art, Sci-fi, Space


Download 63 MB


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This was fun ... and challenging. There is a good reason I don't pilot space vehicles for a living. Good job - I want to beat this thing now.


Wow, that is really hard, but I did eventually win. Pretty fun though.

Finally got better when I realized I could hold to shoot. I was just quickly turning and taking 1 flick shot at the enemy, then turning and flying away.

I like how the "massive" torpedo is the smallest projectile.

The cooldown timers were nice to have. It would have been nice to see your max hp to know when to heal, because it seemed to still go on cooldown even if you were full hp already.

The enemies seem to be able to kill their own base. Don't know if that is intended, but I'm pretty sure i only killed half their base and they did the rest. 

thanks a lot! Glad you like it! :) you have some very good points aswell! I will show the max hp, thats a good idea. And the torpedo will become more "massive" too ;D the thing with the enemies doing damage to eachother - it is intended, but maybe i should think about that again. Its just logical that projectiles hit anything, and you can try to hide behind their base so they will do damage to it. But youre right, it feels a bit strange :D

Thank you so much for the feedback!

I liked the concept and the art. I died a lot of times because of the asteroids xD The background didn't appear on the screen after a lot of time, I'm not sure why.

The controls are so weird, though... An absolute movement with WASD would have been more comfortable, in my opinion. Also, it took me quite some time to notice the Space to Start because it's after the goal and I was like "yeah, I know I have to take those guys" and didn't get to read it. xP

Yeah i had WASD novement at first, but it was really difficult to aim your abilities. The background is the biggest image, and it takes a while to load i guess😕 i see it instantly thoug. Im working on an in game manual and a real menu, so that issue should be removed soon! Hope you had some fun thoug and a huge thank you for the feedback!❤


Cute game, the controls are simple enough. I like your choice!

Thanks a lot! :D


Took me a minute to figure out how to start.. that's what I get for not reading :)

It takes a bit to get a hang of, but I like the controls/flight mechanics.

Glad you like it! :D

Youre right, i should make an in-game manual! I'll work on that! :)